Luca, Chiara and Daniele are our master saddlers.

The soul of the Pariani workshop. 

“When the saddle is so important to the horse and the rider’s relationship with it, we know how important our work is. Every Pariani saddle has always been created entirely by hand, one by one, in collaboration with each other every moment of the day. And this is what makes each of our saddles unique. It doesn’t cost little, but it’s worth every penny you spend; and even more. Because for us Pariani is a family, and every customer is part of it.

The history of Pariani is a family history, because for 120 years and for four generations it has been inextricably intertwined with that of the Pariani Mutinelli family.

Each saddle bears the signature of Carlo Mutinelli, who designs each model and runs the workshop, but also of Luca, Chiara and Daniele, our saddlers.

Our saddles are the result of careful and meticulous workmanship where all the pieces and details are made personally by our craftsmen and carefully checked at every stage of their creation, with a true devotion to details. Sometimes we seem a little fussy… but that’s what makes us unique!

“This job is in my blood, it’s in my destiny. My father worked here, my uncle worked here. I started here when I was still a kid. Then I gained experience in other saddleries, but in the end I came back to Pariani because this is home, this is family… – Luca

“I’m a very accurate person, I love to take care of things and see the product made in every detail, no matter how long it takes to do everything perfectly. And this is the first rule at Pariani”. – Chiara

“I like the rigorous craftsmanship of this job…. I like to draw; I like to create. And in the workshop we create little masterpieces of craftsmanship together. – Daniele