You think it, we make it

From the shape of panels, seats, saddleflaps, to the colours of the leather, down to the finishing touches, Selleria Pariani creates your custom-made saddle. A saddle that is really unique because it is hand-made following all of your needs and desires. This can be done because Selleria Pariani has always created its saddles piece by piece, thanks to the expertise of master saddlers of great experience, in its Milan workshop.

Selleria Pariani combines a tradition built on the work of artisans, on the love of creating hand-made products, on knowledge and on a more than a century old experience (since 1903, the year that marks the beginning of a story made of passion and excellence) and the newest technology. Technology aims not to replace, accelerate, standardise but, on the contrary, it serves to make every single product even more innovative and unique. Thanks to its passion and knowledge Pariani, today even more than ever, is ready to create a unique saddle, made just for you, your own Pariani saddle.


Thanks to our ‘configuring’ program you will be able to create your own saddle. From weight and height, to your style of riding to the characteristics of your horse, you will be able to imagine your ideal saddle: a saddle made especially for you with the best materials by our master saddlers


Our experts will come to your yard where you will try our test saddles to choose the best shape for your riding style. Once you’ve found the right one, our experts will measure you and your horse in order to create your saddle, tailor-made on your needs


Our saddle makers will create your tailor-made and completely hand-made saddle in our workshop in Milan. Thanks to the maintenance and reconditioning service offered by Selleria Pariani, your saddle will be as good as new for a lifetime!