Pariani Saddlery and SicurSell join forces to put an end to saddle theft.
Thanks to an established partnership with SicurSell, Pariani saddles will be equipped with the patented SicurSell Security System.
The famous Italian brand makes a global debut implementing the new integrated model of the SicurSell Security System, thus distinguishing itself by making a clear commitment in the fight against saddle theft.
All Pariani saddles are now registered in the WWSR (World Wide Saddle Register), making them unambiguously identifiable.
With the integrated SicurSell model,  clients have access to the latest features of the SicurSell System; using the free SicurSell App, it’s possible to view the data-profile of a registered saddle on a cell phone and saddles with the SicurSell Security System are the only saddles that qualify for a theft  insurance policy in Italy.

Purpose of the product:
SicurSell has been created to efficiently oppose the growing number of saddle thefts. In the past years an uncountable number of saddles have been stolen, with a stunning increase.
There are three reasons for this tendency:
. Thieves do not encounter difficulties in reusing/reselling stolen saddles;
. Consumers are excessively inclined to buy saddles of doubtful origin;
. The traditional codification systems implemented by the producers do not always allow to easily and safely identify a stolen saddle and attribute it to its legitimate owner, because till now saddles couldn’t have an unambiguous unalterable serial number and a worldwide register for saddles didn’t exist (an alphanumeric code simply stamped on the leather of the saddle isn’t sufficient, as it can easily be scraped off and usually it cannot be attributed to any official document with a certified date; therefore the victim of a theft is not in a position to file an efficient report with the police (reducing therefore the chances to get the saddle back to a minimum, as he/she can’t prove to be the exclusive owner).

Description and short outline:
SicurSell is an anti-theft device for horse saddles based on electronic and documentary identification by means of which the saddle, – a non-registered movable object and thus subject to the legal rule of “possession = ownership”-, becomes a registered movable object, attributed to a specific owner.
The SicurSell Security System is based on the following three elements:
. DOUBLE CODIFICATION. A small visible device in stainless steel is implemented in the cantle, by means of a micro hole, using a special technique which makes it impossible to remove it without evidently damaging the saddle, while a so-called “NFC tag”[1] is inserted inside the saddle where it remains hidden for the eye, but it can be revealed by a smartphone;
. WWSR (World Wide Saddle Register) DATA BASE. All features of the saddle (external SicurSell number, internal tag number, brand, serial number, colour, model, size, particular features) and the owner’s personal data are collected in the installation form, which gets a certified date and then gets registered in the SicurSell WWSR database, together with photos of the saddle, the owner’s ID and, if present, the insurance policy. This allows to trace the saddle and property transfers in a simple, fast, and safe way and it also has the advantage that it guarantees, at any moment, the origin of a saddle at the time it is sold or bought;
“SicurSell – WWSR” APP. The saddle owner will be provided with access codes to log-in to a private client area on the website, or using the free App, where one may check all information and download the documents that refer to the saddle and its owner, like the installation form with the certified data, pictures of the saddle, the SicurSell number, the NFC Tag Number, the expiry date of the insurance policy, etc. With the App one can also send an alarm message to report a theft, which makes geolocation of the saddle possible. This cutting-edge technology instantly proves ownership of the saddle and it’s essential in case the theft of a saddle has to be reported to the police, while it provides an unambiguous description and documentary proof of ownership and for identification.
NFC (Near Field Communication) is an evolution of the RFID technology which allows a safe wireless connection between two devices and the respective data exchange. NFC tags are very small chips on which you can permanently store a considerable amount of information that can be read by an NFC equipped smartphone, simply by holding it close to the tag. This technology allows geolocation of the saddle using a mobile reading device.

A specific insurance cover for your saddle:

SicurSell has proved to be an extremely efficient anti-theft device for saddles.*This allowed us to negotiate a specific anti-theft policy at convenient prices and conditions with UnipolSai Insurance Company, for saddles equipped with the SicurSell System in Italy. We’re in the process of extending coverage to other European countries.
. THE POLICY ALSO COVERS THEFTS TAKEN PLACE OUTSIDE THE TACK ROOM such as from trunks and lockers, vans and/or cars, on the condition however that was burglary involved (padlocks and/or locks broken)
. EXTREMELY LOW RATES: The annual rate amounts to 0,25 x 1.000, i.e. € 25,00 for each € 1.000,00 of value (this means that the premium rate for a saddle having a value of € 2.000,00 will amount to € 50,00 per year, for a saddle of € 3.000,00 to € 75,00, and so on)
. CLEAR AND SIMPLE GENERAL CONDITIONS: The policy covers the saddle, not the tack room, and therefore no preventive expertise of the areas is required. The evaluation of used saddles will be made by SecurSell experts. For new saddles or saddles bought during the last 12 months, you can indicate the effective purchase price which will be refunded 100% without any depreciation during the first year, i.e. the so-called “first risk”.

Reasons why SicurSell has proved to be an extremely efficient anti-theft device for saddles:

. Thieves prefer anonymous saddles which they can easily resell. Any saddle protected by the SicurSell system can be recognized “at first sight”, because of the external device placed on the most visible part of the saddle. As a matter of fact in tack rooms, vans, and in the boxes saddles are always placed in a way one can see the back of the saddle, i.e. the cantle. The deterrent anti-theft effect is also guaranteed by the SicurSell saddle cover, which leaves the stainless steel device uncovered and visiblle, and by the SicurSell stickers that one can attach anywhere desired. The message you send out is clear: “This saddle is protected by the SicurSell System, you won’t have any benefit from stealing it, you’d only risk to be arrested!”

. Nobody would ever buy a saddle equipped with the SicurSell System without a valid property transfer title. It would be absolutely useless to steal a saddle if you cannot sell it. On the other side, any saddle without SicurSell system, if stolen, can easily be resold with only few risks for both, the seller and the buyer..!

Even if your saddle is stolen, you can in any case supply the police with an unambiguous description which is essential to retrieve the saddle.

In fact, should the police recover the saddle, you can get it back only if you have filed an unambiguous report (i.e. which does not leave any doubt that you are the legal owner).

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