Royal Rider 25 Endurance c/safety cage

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Product Description

The “ST 25 S Endurance” are designed, to obtain the maximum functionality, and comfort, new ultra light stirrups made in techno polymer of DuPont®, highest-quality injection plastics, a material resistant to shocks and tension. To guarantee a flexibility of use, the plate is available in metal and rubber, to meet any individual need. The plates are fitted with steel screws, which are easy to replace, Metal and Rubber pads included. 
Technical features 
DuPont® material 
Stirrup-bar size 120×64 mm
Stirrup size 145x64x171 mm 
Weight with safety cage 320 gr 
Tension breaking load 700 Kg 
Plate technical information
Mod. B: Hardness rubber 50shA 
Mod. C: Stainless steel

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