Color: BLACKRoyal Rider stirrups

Royal Rider stirrups Sport Flex

Product Description

This model is one of DuPont® highest-quality injection plastics that allows for a level of functionality, elasticity and safety that has never been reached before, assaging the tension of the articulations. The Sport Flex Stirrups differs from the Classic Flex in its more sporty design and its reduciont of the arch height while still maintaining the same foot base size. Metal and Rubber pads included.
Technical features
DuPont® material
Stirrup-bar size 120×64 mm
Stirrup size 153x64x175 mm
Weight 280 gr.
Tension breaking load 650 Kg.
Plate technical information
Mod. B:Hardness rubber 50shA
Mod. C:Stainless steel

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Additional Information


One Size Only


Black, Black/Burgundy

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