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Ergonomic breastplate

Fully adjustable in 5 points, it perfectly fits different horses. The ergonomic breastplate – padded with silicone in its central part – leaves wide freedom to shoulder movement, while the elastic inserts allow a wide range of fitting. Thanks to the easily removable girth strap and forks this breastplate can be used for different purposes.


Sizes: Cob – Full – Extra Large
Colors: Black – Dark Havana
Fitting: NP


Clincher breastplate brass

Clincher breastplate.


Sizes: Pony – Cob – Full
Colors: Black – Dark Havana – Nut
Fitting: Brass



Riviera breastplate

Riviera breastplate.

Sizes: Cob – Full

Colors: Black – Dark Havana

Fitting: NP


Running martingale brass

Running martingale.


Sizes: Cob – Full
Colors: Black – Dark Havana – Nut – Cognac
Fitting: Brass



Running martingale NP

Running martingale.


Sizes: Cob – Full
Colors: Black – Dark Havana – Nut – Cognac
Fitting: NP



Bib piece w/buckle

Bib piece w/buckle.

Sizes: One Size Only

Colors: Black – Dark Havana

Fitting: Brass (260120) – NP (260121)